Sabrina the Teenage Witch

In 2003, I was hired by Archie comics to take over the writing and penciling for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Starting with issue #58, Sabrina was relaunched with a new manga look. The series spanned 42 issues, ending with issue #100. This remains one of my proudest achievements to date! Click the thumbnails to see a sampling of my Sabrina work.

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  1. Nemmex

    Hey, this is great, you know where I can buy past issues? I came into the series late and was wondering how to get a hold of the older ones? Thanks.

    • Tania

      Hi! Thanks for your interest! If you own an ipad or iphone, all the issues are available digitally through Archie’s digital store. For printed issues, your best bet would be to check ebay or look through the back issues of your local comic shop. Good news though, Sabrina will be collected into a trade paperback soon. I’ll announce more when I have the info.

      • risarei

        Hello I’m a huge fan of the series and I have all 4 of The Magic Within series, but I was wondering if eBay and comic book shops would be my best bet to repurchase the series in color? It’s a shame that element wasn’t reproduced for its rerelease it really made the story pop and look vibrant. I still really enjoyed rereading the story despite that but as a collector I was curious.

        • Tania

          Hi! Thanks for you question, and sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately, Ebay or Comic shops are the only place to buy the original comics in color. I’m also bummed they didn’t reprint the collections in color… but maybe one day they will. Another option is to buy the issues digitally via Comixology or the Archie app, if you have an iPad or color Kindle. Those are available in color online. Hope that helps!

  2. Antara

    Well, is the magic within 4 the end of the story of Sabrina? I enjoyed it the most and I hope it’s not.

    • Tania

      Unfortunately that is the end of the series! But I am really happy to hear you enjoyed it!

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