Hello and Welcome!

Hello, and welcome to my official website!

Take a look around and check out all the stuff I’ve been working on over the years. As you can probably tell, I like to dabble in all sorts of things. I’m always available for commissions or freelance illustration/design, so please email me if you want to work with me on a project: taniadelrio(at)yahoo.com

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the site!

2 Responses to “Hello and Welcome!”
  1. spyderdoc79

    I had the pleasure of meeting you today at Wizard World Philadelphia and my nephew and I both thought your work was amazing. We had a few sketches done on comic blank sketch issues and we were both so happy with the job you did and plan on getting more sketches and picking up some of the recent projects you were involved with Like Sabrina….Just wanted to let you you know you gained two new fans todays and we definately look forward to checking out your work now and in the future!!!!!!

    • Tania

      Hi! It was great to meet you and your nephew and I had a blast drawing those sketches for you! Thank you for the kind words!!

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