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Cheeks Street Art

Street Art promo for Cheeks Digital, Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator

Glimmer Comic

This was my submission for the Prism Comics Grant. An intergalactic space opera starring Cheeks! Click below the image to see the rest of the pages PAGE 1

Cheeks Unbuttoned Album Cover

I created this design for a series of podcast albums by Cheeks. I wanted to go with something that looked more “indie” and “unplugged”. Pencil scanned and colored in Adobe Photoshop. Text added in Adobe Illustrator.

Cheeks and the Sparkle Thieves.

This was a commissioned piece in which I illustrated the cover of a story someone wrote about Cheeks.

Daily Doses

This image was a promotional piece for a daily video series by Cheeks.

Cheeks Speaks

This was designed to be a title card for a series of web videos entitled “Cheeks Speaks”.

Pillow Thoughts

This was created to be a title card for a series of Cheeks’ videos, entitled “Pillow Thoughts”.

Cheeks Promotional Packet

I designed this one-sheet in addition to a packet for Cheeks’ promotional use.

Cheeks Vs. Negative Neil

This was created as a title card for a series of videos called “Cheeks Vs. Negative Neil”.


This was the cover I designed for the release of an EP by Cheeks, entitled “T.C.M.C. The style was derived from the promotional street art I created earlier.