My friend’s dog, Beau Copic Marker on Bristol board.

Farewell to Summer

American Goldfinch Copic Marker on Bristol board.

Mr.Foxworthington the 11th

A just-for-fun image of a foxy gentleman.

O-Inari Sama

A depiction of the Japanese fox/rice Goddess, Inari.

Mmm, Sushi

Just a couple depictions of sushi that I did to bid on a job 🙂


I designed this for a t-shirt as a gift for my boyfriend, Sebastian. YOLO is a popular phrase going around (You Only Live Once), but I wanted something a bit more morbid and tongue-in-cheek. It’s also the title of Sebastian’s […]

Yes! Owl

This is a design I came up with for a tattoo that now sits on my left forearm. I wanted something bright, colorful, and positive! An affirmation, if you will.

Jon Snow and Ygritte

I was inspired to do a little art based on one of my favorite series, Game of Thrones. It’s of Jon Snow and the wildling Ygritte! Inked in Manga Studio EX 4, colored in Photoshop CS5.1


I made this piece for the Pokemon Battle Royale Show at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis. Manga Studio and Photoshop

The Hunger Games

In honor of one of my favorite trilogies, I created this Hunger Games-inspired art. Manga Studio, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Sebastian 4 President

Promotional art for Musician Sebastian 4 President

Ink Tea

A piece I did for the Tentacle Love Show at Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake. Copic Marker on Bristol board.


My dog Bailey, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Copic Marker on Bristol board.

Lady Gaga Art Noveau

Lady Gaga Fan Art Illustration Digital: Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator


Concept art for a comic idea I had about a girl who hunts werewolves in Tokyo.


A character concept for my comic idea, Knit-Wits. Sangria is a voodoo priestess who uses Knitting Needles to puncture her dolls!


An Illustration I created for the book, “Mangaka America”

Love Me.

A Valentine’s Day drawing.

Lost Girls and Love Hotels

I was commissioned to illustrate the cover of this book, “Lost Girls and Love Hotels”.

Deer, Deer…

An illustration I made for the book, “Mangaka America”

Monster Guy

A piece of art for my friend, based on his character, Monster Guy.


A drawing of the character, Ember, from ElfQuest. I gave the original to Wendy Pini – I’ve never been so nervous! She is such an inspiration to me!

Desert Jinn

A just-for-fun illustration of a desert jinn!

Madison and Renee, Lovesketch.

Character concepts for my comic idea, “Lovesketch”.

Charlie’s Super Angels

This piece was a commission to depict Bat Girl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman as Charlie’s Angels, along with a cameo by Salem the cat!

Roller Derby Girl

A just-for-fun illustration I did of a roller derby girl!

Bowstache and Duelicorn

A concept drawing based on a comic idea about two unicorns who battle for control of the universe!

Beat Girl

Viz, the company behind the shoujo comic magazine “Shojo Beat” asked me to draw their mascot Beat Girl to illustrate various articles within the magazine! A fun gig! Click the thumbs to see the illustrations.


An image I created of one of my all-time favorite Marvel characters, Jubilee!

Twilight Athenaeum

A character concept for a comic idea I had about a librarian who has an alternate personality that she can access through a special book.

Bat Girl

I decided to try my hand at re-imagining Bat Girl as a shoujo-style character!