Sabrina the Teenage Witch

In 2003, I was hired by Archie comics to take over the writing and penciling for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Starting with issue #58, Sabrina was relaunched with a new manga look. The series spanned 42 issues, ending with issue […]

Hourly Comic Day 2016


‘Husbands’ Arch Nemesis

My 12 page comic written by acclaimed TV writer Jane Espenson and internet celebrity Brad “Cheeks” Bell is out today via the Dark Horse Digital store! It’s a madcap Archie spoof featuring the whole Husbands gang! This was a blast […]

Archie #636

I wrote Archie #636, which was so much fun. With art by the talented Gisèle Lagacé, the story gives a glimpse of what life in Riverdale would be like if everyone were the opposite gender! You can see a preview […]

My Newly Blonde Life: Hourly Comic Day 2012


Client Stories

I was hired to draw a short comic strip written by model and hairstylist Irena Murphy about one of her funny experiences at the salon.

Blood Level

These are pages I created for director Liz Adams, based on an adaptation of a screenplay she wrote, for a graphic novel pitch. PAGE 1

Knit Wits

This is an ashcan preview comic I created that is part of a larger story I had planned. It’s a zany, silly comic about knitting. A girl named Bernadette inadvertently gets sucked into the lives of a local yarn store’s […]

My Poorly Drawn Life

My Poorly Drawn Life is a webcomic I started a few years ago about my life. I purposefully draw it quick and sloppy and enjoy poking fun at myself and the things that happen to me. I’m currently building a […]


After my short comic of the same name was selected to appear in TOKYOPOP’s Rising Stars of Manga anthology, Volume 2, I pitched a longer form idea to them. The idea of Lovesketch is loosely based on my experiences of […]

The Endless Blue

The Endless Blue is a comic idea I had that I originally planned to create as a web-comic. It’s about a girl who commits a terrible act and flees her tribe, only to be captured out in the desert by […]

Glimmer Comic

This was my submission for the Prism Comics Grant. An intergalactic space opera starring Cheeks! Click below the image to see the rest of the pages PAGE 1

WoW Comic Panel

I submitted this to a World of Warcraft comic contest and received an honorable mention!

My Otaku

These are pages from yet another pitch I made to TOKYOPOP about a strong-willed fashion model who ends up falling in love with the unlikeliest of people – a slightly chubby Otaku. Click below the image to see the rest […]

All Girl Arcade bid

I created these as part of a bid for a comic project for the company behind the website All Girl Arcade. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, but I was pleased with the work I did, regardless!

Savage Beauty

I was honored when Moonstone Comics asked me to create a promotional cover image for their new series, Savage Beauty. What a fun piece to work on!