Billion Moms

This was a satirical campaign tied to the promotion of Husbands, an online sitcom. I designed the website, as well as the logo, and stickers to put on the envelopes of Husbands screeners.

Husbands Promotional Photos

I converted these Adam Bouska photos into promotional images which were printed and handed out at events.

Husbands Banners

I created an assortment of banners for the Husbands Official Website, which varied depending on what was being promoted at the time.

Husbands Press Kits

I’ve designed a number of materials for a Husbands Press Kit including DVD designs, promotional packets, letterheads, and business cards.

Husbands Assets

I created a few designs for use in the actual Husbands online episodes including chyrons for faux-tv networks and a bumper image to be shown at the end of a promotional video.

Husbands Landing Page Designs

I created a variety of landing page images for the official Husbands website, depending on what was being promoted at the time.